On Air With AIB Week 5 Recap: The Gang Talks About Anti-Romeo Squads, Domestic Workers, Racism And More!

on air with aib

On Air With AIB is probably the funniest and most intelligent show addressing social issues in the country today. It is evident the kind of work that goes in creating this 30-minute show spread over the week in three parts – Topical-ish & Main Story (on Mondays), Can You Not (Wednesdays) and Off Script (Fridays).

The research, fact-checking and comedy is unmatched and impeccable. Hence it’s no surprise they want to just kick back, relax on a couch and have a chat with their buddies on various topics (in the Off-Script section), which is also hilarious and a delight to watch, much like their recent Podcasts on the AIB YouTube channel.

This week on: On Air With AIB (April 3rd to 7th)

Topical-ish: The gang talks about UP or as they like to call it – “Bihar ka Bihar!” – and “wehan ka Anti Romeo Squad.” They cover instances where the Anti-Romeo Squad’s behaviour is like “trying to kill a mosquito with a bazooka.” The squad needs to be educated on the difference between couples hanging out consensually and harassment.

Main Story: Domestic Workers in India. They cite many instances about how domestic workers in India are ill-treated, and because domestic workers are an unorganized sector, they do not get basic benefits that you and I take for granted, like sick and casual leaves for example. In the episode, they shed some light on working conditions, basic pay, working hours and pension plans for domestic workers.

Can You Not: …Be racist? The guys bring forth stories on Black people facing racism in India and being accused of cannibalism, thievery and generally facing outright inhuman behaviour. They joke that the last time a Black person was safe in Noida was when Barack Obama came to India.’

Off Script: This week the AIB Gang is joined by SNG legend ‘Vicky Malhotra’ aka Varun Thakur (no, it’s not the other way around ;-p) along with Neville Shah. The Boys chat about Cricket which is perfect timing as the 10th season of IPL kicks off! As usual, the sit-down is absolutely hilarious and a must watch for all Cricket fans!

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P.S – Do watch Varun Thakur’s hilarious hour-long special on Amazon Prime – Vicky This Side, Varun That Side. It is a laugh riot!