24 (India) Season 2: Where To Watch Finale Episode Online; Anil Kapoor Confirms Season 3

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Anil Kapoor as Jai Singh Rathore in 24 (India)

Update: Unfortunately Viacom 18’s digital platform Voot, which released episodes of 24 while the show was on air, is no longer streaming it online 🙁

The final two episodes of Anil Kapoor’s 24 Season 2 released on Voot over the weekend, with Jai Singh Rathore finally putting an end to Roshan’s terror and saving the city from destruction. But the finale episode ends on a cliffhanger of sorts giving us some indication on what Jai might have to deal with in the next season (see episode 24 synopsis below).

Anil Kapoor has already confirmed that 24 Season 3 is happening. It just remains to be seen whether the makers intend to release it in 2017, or later than that.

During a recent Q&A with fans on Twitter, Anil was asked whether he would love to do more seasons of the show, to which he replied: “Yes, I will be doing 24 [season] three for sure, but will be doing something as exciting or more soon.”

Watch this space for more updates on the next season of 24. Meanwhile, you can check out the official synopses (followed by ‘where to watch’ links) for episodes 23 and 24 below.

Episode 23: Jai Vs Roshan

“Having sighted Roshan’s hideout, the ATU closes in on him where Jai finally confronts him. Who will win the battle?

But, this is not the end of the virus threat. Aware of the fact that Maddy holds vital information pertaining to the location of the virus, Jai saves her. Soon, Jai learns that the virus has been released in a number of places, including the PMO. How will Jai tackle this catastrophe?”

Click here to watch episode 23 online.

Episode 24: Jai Takes Down The Criminal Mastermind

“Despite Roshan being taken down, the mission is far from over for Jai. While going through the case, Jai’s research leads him from Mehr to Devyani and finally, the real criminal mastermind. With the antivirus, Jai manages to save the city.

However, a video of Jai shooting Mallick has gone viral. Is Jai’s existence under threat?”

Click here to watch episode 24 (season finale) online.

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