24 (India) Season 2: Watch Episodes 21 and 22 Online; Virus Infects PM Aditya Singhania

24 season 2 episode 22

Update:ย Unfortunately Viacom 18โ€™s digital platform Voot, which released episodes of 24 while the show was on air, is no longer streaming it online ๐Ÿ™

Jai uses his own daughter as bait to get to Roshan while the deadly virus ends up infecting many including PM Aditya Singhania, in the latest episodes of 24 Season 2. Check out the official descriptions for episodes 21 and 22, below.

Episode 21: Jai Holds His Daughter At Gunpoint

โ€œAfter pinpointing Roshan’s location, Jai spearheads the ATU team into his hiding place by using his own daughter, Kiran as a bait and kills most of Roshan’s goons.

After getting to know the truth, Roshan gains leverage over ATU Head Saigal by having his son kidnapped, and thereby evades the ATU force. In order to save his son’s life, Saigal must release Roshan’s daughter, Vaidehi, from the ATU. Will Saigal still abide by his rule book? Or will he do as instructed by Roshan?โ€

Click here to watch episode 21 online.


Episode 22: Pm Singhania Infected By The Deadly Virus

โ€œAs instructed by Roshan, Saigal relinquishes his duties to get Vaidehi out of the ATU confinement. Jai learns about Saigal’s son being compromised, and intercepts him before he could meet Roshan. He sets up a trap for Roshan and awaits his arrival.

Meanwhile, in a shocking turn of events, PM Aditya Singhania and several others get exposed to the deadly virus due to a faulty Hazmat suit of Dr Bhowmick. Until an antidote arrives, the consequences of the exposure will be catastrophic!โ€

Click here to watch episode 22 online.

*Voot is currently streaming only the latest 5-6 episodes of 24 Season 2. There has been no official update as yet with regards to release of the full season online.

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