24 (India) Season 2: Watch Episodes 15 And 16 Online; ATU Faces First Virus Outbreak

24 season 2

Update: Unfortunately Viacom 18’s digital platform Voot, which released episodes of 24 while the show was on air, is no longer streaming it online 🙁

ATU faces the first virus outbreak in the latest episode of 24 Season 2! Despite his best efforts, Jai is unable to capture Roshan but learns that there are six virus bombs planted in the city. In an attempt to stop one of these bombs from detonating, Gyan and Veer get exposed to the virus. Meanwhile, Jai devises another plan that could lead him to Roshan.

Check out the official synopses and ‘where to watch’ links for episodes 15 and 16, below.

Episode 15: Jai Hunts For Virus Bombs

Jai gets hounded by the internal investigation team at ATU over his recent unauthorised escapades that put a dangerous criminal like Roshan Sherchan on the streets.

Meanwhile, the ATU is able to pinpoint Roshan’s hideout, and sends a crack team to apprehend him. Jai leads the ATU team into Roshan’s hiding place and manages to retrieve a crucial piece of evidence, that is, there are not one but six virus bombs in the city and the first one is going off in one hour!

Click here to watch episode 15 online.

Episode 16: Atu Faces First Virus Outbreak!

Roshan’s accomplice Chang, plants the first virus bomb in the central ventilation unit of a hotel. To stop the virus bomb from detonating, Gyan and Veer attempt to shut down the ventilation system, but instead get exposed to the virus. ATU chief Saigal, issues a shoot to kill protocol in order to contain the virus outbreak inside the hotel.

Elsewhere, Jai remains fixated on Roshan and lets his accomplice Balraj, escape with the idea that the smaller fish will lead him to the bigger one.

Click here to watch episode 16 online.

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