24 (India) Season 2: Roshan Wants Jai To Kill Mallick; Watch Episodes 17 And 18 Online

24 season 2

Update: Unfortunately Viacom 18’s digital platform Voot, which released episodes of 24 while the show was on air, is no longer streaming it online 🙁

Jai is faced with another serious dilemma in the latest episode of 24 Season 2 – either he kills Shibani Mallick or risks putting thousands of lives in jeopardy. The intense and action-packed episodes 17 and 18 released online over the weekend and things are clearly not looking good for the ATU and Jai Singh Rathore.

Check out the episode synopsis and ‘where to watch’ links below.

Episode 17: Virus Stays, Panic Strikes!

In an attempt to tie up loose ends, Roshan eliminates his own accomplice Balraj, thereby ending Jai’s pursuit. Jai returns to the ATU only to find out that his son Veer, is trapped inside the contaminated hotel and is having a hard time controlling the panic-stricken residents, who are all exposed to the deadly virus.

As the ATU and PM office work towards developing a virus antidote, Jai receives a clue from Maya that could lead him to Roshan and the other virus bombs!

Click here to watch episode 17 online.

Episode 18: Roshan Wants Mallick Dead!

Reeling from the effects of direct exposure to the virus, Gyan succumbs to the unbearable pain. Meanwhile, Roshan instructs his accomplice to plant the second virus bomb on the busy platforms of Dadar Railway Station.

Roshan announces his new threat to Prime Minister Aditya Singhania, that is, if Jai doesn’t kill Shibani Mallick within the next hour, he will detonate the second virus bomb. However, this time around, not hundreds but thousands of lives are at stake!

Click here to watch episode 18 online.

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