10 Best Web Series Characters of 2016

Arjun Varma

Arjun Varma

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2016 was a great year for Indian web series. Good, bad, great – we were treated to all sorts of shows across a wide range of genres. Be it comedy, drama, mockumentary– stories were told using some really fun, quirky and interesting characters.

So, here’s our roundup of the best, most memorable web series characters of 2016.

Chitvan in TVF Tripling

– played by Amol Parashar


We all loved DJ Chitvan. And we loved his signature dialogue, “You’re beautiful baba” just as much as, “Tu beer hai” from TVF Pitchers and “Cooool” from Permanent Roommates!

Amol Parashar’s effortless performance as the laid back, carefree, youngest sibling in TVF Tripling made Chitvan an extremely likeable and popular character.

Jasjit in Life Sahi Hai

– played by Suhail Nayyar


Life cannot be sahi if every group doesn’t have a kamina character like Jasjit. Mischievous, flirtatious and charming – with a desi tadka! That’s what actor Suhail Nayyar brought to this role…and it worked wonders.

Jerry in Better Life Foundation

– played by Utsav Chakraborty


All the characters in this wonderful web series are really well-written and the actors have done a great job performing them, but Utsav’s Jerry is just amazeballs!

We think of him as a love child of Andy (Chris Pratt) and Jerry (Jim O’Heir) from Parks and Recreation (a show which has loosely inspired BLF). In a heavily character driven series, Utsav’s impeccable comic timing makes Jerry stand out and become a fan favourite. Can’t wait to see more of him in season 2.

Sid in A.I.SHA My Virtual Girlfriend

– played by Raghu Ram


In a lot of ways, Sid is an extension of Raghu Ram’s ‘scary, angry judge of MTV Roadies.’ He’s sharp, shrewd, calculative and is ready to bash someone’s brains out when he loses his cool. Now imagine this guy as your boss in the ruthless corporate world? Scary AF right? That’s what Sid is –  scary, intimidating and a delight to watch.

Dingo and Khanna in Ladies Room

– played by Saba Azad and Shreya Dhanwanthary


Is there any such thing as a ‘quirk overload’? Well, if there is, it definitely involves Dingo and Khanna – the protagonists of Y-Films’ comedy web series, Ladies Room.

The makers couldn’t have picked a better duo to play the mad, fun and hysterical characters of this quirky web series centred around their (mis)adventures in women’s bathrooms!

Purushottam ji in Permanent Roommates Season 2

– played by Deepak Kumar Mishra


As much as we all love Mikesh and Tanya, you have to admit that Permanent Roommates would not be the same without Purushottam ji. This simple, funny-talking Ola driver, played brilliantly by Deepak Kumar Mishra, is so good, that he’s managed to build a fan following of his own via the beloved TVF series.

Nox in I Don’t Watch TV

– played by Nakuul Mehta


Nakuul Mehta plays a fictional version of himself in this spoof, comedy series about Indian television, and slays it!

Right from the opening scene where he is seen sitting on the pot pondering over his life decisions, to the scene with casting director Mukesh Chhabra where he MC-BCs the crap out of how much he wants to be part of an Anurag Kashyap movie, Nox is a treat to watch.

Bhushi in Humorously Yours

– played by Abhishek Banerjee


Although TVF’s latest web series Humorously Yours is just 2-episodes old, one character who’s clearly on his way to becoming a fan favourite is Vipul’s friend – Bhushi. If you don’t believe us, watch him use the negotiating skills he acquired “at Thailand,” to discuss Vipul’s stage show fee with clients. Classic.

Nazia in The Trip

– played by Mallika Dua


Again, only 2 episodes down… but we’re already digging the fun and goofy Nazia, from The Trip. Mallika Dua is hilarious as the loud-mouth, absent-minded, daru-loving mastikhor who shouldn’t be taking a pause in between while saying the word, “London.” Oh, well.

 Mukesh in Shaadi Boys

– played by Rishabh Chaddha


Shaadi ho ya business call, trust Mukesh to say something hugely inappropriate. This tapori Shaadi Boy danced into the hearts of fans and viewers with his epic Mumbaiya slangs and Bollywood heropanti. He might not have got the girl, but the aunties on the show definitely love him 😉

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